What are HTML5 Ads?

A single image or “static” image with pictures and text can perfectly convey an advertising message. For example, if you are selling shoes a simple image of a pair of shoes with a message could be enough to attract customers. Although this method still works and has great success, what if you wanted to take your banner advertisements to the next level? You no longer have to squeeze all that information into a single image. With HTML5 banners you can create separate slides or screens – each of them having additional information, animation, video or interactive content. The benefits of an HTML5 banner ad are tremendous!

In the past, developers used Adobe Flash to create animated banners. Flash was used extensively from the early 2000s through 2016. Flash support started falling considerably after 2010 due to mobile operating systems like Apple’s iOS not supporting Flash, and Google’s Android having limited support. With a majority of devices and other platforms no longer supporting Flash, HTML5 was the way to go!

What are the benefits of using HTML5?

Let’s face it; we love shiny and flashy things. Why not take that approach with your display advertising, be creative and more memorable? By creating a more memorable ad, viewers are more prone to remember your ad versus one that is just a plain image.

With HTML5 you can engage audiences in various ways

Some users engage better with text, others with video, and in some cases, simple interactions. Using the HTML5 banners you can provide all of these in one single ad. Moreover, at Engage360 we can track all banner interactions, prove the level of user engagement and have additional KPI when analyzing campaign performance.

Today, more people are using their mobile devices for browsing. A static banner created for mobile devices can often look blurry and unreadable. With the use of HTML5, and the ability to have multiple slides, more information can be added and font sizes can be increased so they are more legible. Quality matters and it has a strong impact on campaign effectiveness.

HTML5 ads are touch capable, meaning that you can build a design that someone can interact with using a touch-enabled device. HTML5 ads also have 3D capabilities (via WebGL) and support dynamic content components. Imagine a two-sided flip banner that turns and reveals the video element on the other side. When you click the closing cross on the video site, it turns back to the banner. The three-dimensional rotation effects will surely make your ad stand out from the rest of ads on the website.

The HTML5 Structure

An HTML5 ad is made up of multiple files, structured in folders which include resources like images, video components, as well as the .html source file. The .html file links the sources of images and videos, and may include all the code needed for the animation or any interactive capabilities of HTML5 ads. It looks the same as building a mini-website. To upload an HTML5 creative to ad management platforms you have to create a .zip file. The .zip should consist of an HTML file plus any assets (folders and subfolders) referenced by the HTML file.

What are the challenges of building HTML5 ads?

The performance of banners created in HTML5 depends largely on the various browsers and their unique capabilities. Safari, Firefox, Opera and older browsers like Internet Explorer won’t play many HTML5 elements.

To overcome this challenge and make sure our HTML5 ads look and work as expected on different browsers and devices we do only manual coding. We do not use fancy design tools, external frameworks or libraries that make HTML5 banner production faster. HTML5 ads traditionally requires a developer to write the code themselves. It can be time-consuming but it is certainly worth the effort!

Still on the fence about whether an HTML5 animated banner would be beneficial to your marketing strategy? Send us an email with a short description of your business. After analyzing your goals and objectives, we can create the perfect package for your online advertising needs.

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