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High Performance HTML5 Ads

By collaborating with clients we build innovative html5 rich-media banners –
a better way to tell your brand story and boost engagement.


Banner blindness is a myth…

In fact, people enjoy engaging with digital ads and easily understand their purpose. Users are more ready to swipe a carousel of images, play a video or scroll to read more, rather than click to a website. Imagine you can use the following interactions within an HTML5 banner:

Mouse Over

Carousel Swipe

Tab Navigation

Click to Landing

Depth Scroll

Open Info Box

Pull to Uncover

Flip / Rotate

Filter Controls

Poll Vote

Video Controls


Not another banner building tool!

Reaching your potential clients with amazing HTML5 ads can be simple and effective. Dedicated team of designers and developers is here to service your specific requirements. The ads we create are fully customizable digital masterpieces on which we build advanced interactive solutions.

We use a mix of programming skills to build beautiful and effective brand and product experiences on both mobile and desktop. All custom made – no compromises, no design restrictions, and no templates.


Plan. Code. Deploy.

First Step

Banner concept

We create a whole process and predict the users’ path through the funnel in order to provide the optimal communication on every step. We can provide digital mock-ups/concept designs from scratch or based on existing artwork or brand identity like brochures to print ads, websites and corporate ID documents.

Second Step

Ad Creation

We create clean HTML5 code without heavy libraries and bootstrap. We can convert agency-supplied static concepts/story-boards to HTML5 animated formats. We use the YouTube API to build-in and control video in your HTML5 banners. We use custom variables in the HTML5 creatives to enable interactions tracking and measure user engagement while inserting macros to enable your DSP or publisher ad server click tracking.

Third Step

Ad Delivery

We have the technology to serve, validate, track every interaction and user action, and report all the gathered analytical data in a simple and accessible way. But this is not the end – we provide you with the ability to create custom audiences based on the users actions and personalize the following communication.

Tracking User Engagement Can Be a Game Changer!

Our interaction-based reporting gives you a measure of rich-media interactivity and touch. You can see how successfully a digital ad captured user attention by quantifying the proportion of users who physically touched the ad. This will surely change the effectiveness of your online campaigns and prove that banner engagement exists even without website clicks!

Start Using Data-Driven Creatives

The banners we create are hosted and managed by EasyPlatform – a leading ad platform developed in-house and certified for 3rd party ad serving by Google Ad Exchange, Adform and Confient. Each time we track a banner interaction, the platform stores an anonymous cookie, which becomes a part of a new user segment. Our advanced audience center can use this data and help you increase performance by showing the right ad to the right person at the right moment.
Explore some of our masterpieces

Showcase Portfolio

We give our best to create the optimal ad message and to provide a user experience to remember. Explore some of our work.

Outsource your banner production

Strengthen Your Client Service Offering. We Build It, You Brand It.
We build HTML5 banners for marketing and advertising firms and publishers who do not have the resources or expertise to produce HTML5 banners in-house. By outsourcing HTML5 banner creation to us, our clients are able to spend their time and resources where they are most effective and deliver their customers a superior end-service.

Moreover, we offer our trade partners an invaluable campaign tracking service and real-time reports which include not only impressions and clicks but unique reach and all interactions!
Present our work to your clients with ease. We offer our partners a specially developed non-branded webpage for uploading and presenting HTML5 banner projects. Take a look at our Showcase Portfolio – you may have a similar, customized page on your website.
Google certified third-party ads vendor

Integrated with the leading ad platforms

To enable event tracking or turn your HMTL5 banners into data-driven creatives, we recommend using tags via EasyPlatform (also known as 3rd party tags). The tags are supported and eligible with the majority of DSPs, ad exchanges and ad networks. EasyPlatform is also a Google certified third-party ads vendor which means it meets Google’s requirements for third-party ad serving with regard to user privacy, accuracy of measurement, latency, and compliance with their creative policies.

About Us

Proud member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
Established in Sofia in 2006 we are an innovative owner-operated enterprise that offers programmatic advertising. The core of our business is a high-tech programmatic ad platform developed by our experienced engineers and operating under the trademarks EasyAds™ and EasyPlatform™. The programmatic eco-system has very specific rules that HTML5 banners must adhere to, including file size, animation duration, clickTags and so on.

Because of that, we have experience with banners of all types, sizes, mediums and networks! Оur team not only understands the design fundamentals that create great HTML5 banners. We understand technology and marketing and use these skills to produce sophisticated creatives, ensuring our clients achieve maximum return on their investment.


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