Cure for Banner Blindness

If your company is still using static banner ads instead of HTML5 ads (dynamic banner ads), then there’s a good chance that money is being left on the table. A huge part of your target audience is not seeing your ad, even if it’s right there in front of their eyes. This is because of the so called “banner blindness” – people tend to ignore page elements which they perceive as ads.

Think about your own experience for a second. You probably saw a few banners today. Can you recall any of them or their offers? Probably not. In fact, only 14% of consumers remember the last ad they saw and the company or product it promoted. Even with today’s sophisticated targeting technology, banner blindness remains a key challenge.

how can you assure every website visitor at least sees your ad?

High-impact HTML5 ads are proven to attract users’ attention and bring much more traffic to websites than standard static banner ads. A study by Adform shows that clickthrough rates of rich media HTML5 ads are x2.5 times higher than those from static ads. This is true because, psychologically, it is almost impossible for your eyes to ignore movement. This is why animated banner ads are the wiser investment since they assure people are actually viewing your ads.

What about the users, who haven’t initiated a click, but have interacted with our ads?

There is a variety of situations in which a user may have interacted with an ad but has not reached the landing page. Usually, users who have only interacted are out of reach for the Advertisers as they have not reached the website and are not in an available target audience. This usually affects the creatives which advertisers create as they have to be strictly made to generate clicks – there isn’t much space for creativity.

Audience Center easily overcomes this problem because it keeps track of users who have only interacted with an ad (known as campaign data). This way these users can easily be added to an audience, who have seen the ad, but have not clicked. This data can be used in many situations – from setting up an order strategy in which the ads are displayed to gathering data about users opinion on a certain topic. You can see examples of such banners in the example section below.

By using the data from our Audience Center you can now easily promote your product and business using personalized and tailored ads according to real user action and preference!

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