banner types, design and ordering process

Please look at the questions below and click on the one you need the answer to. If you have additional questions, please email us at: hello@engage360.tech

What kind of banners do you create?

We specialize in making HTML5 banner ads in standard sizes for display advertising. We do not design static ads or images for social networks profile covers.

How do I order banners? What is your process?

Please go to our pricing section and read more about the ordering process. Than you can use the contact form to message us.
Everything else happens per email, messenger or phone – discussing details, talking to your designer, requesting changes, approving the banners and receiving access to our ad management platform.

What details do your designers need from me?

• Banner size. The most common sizes for banner ads are: 300×250, 300×600,970×250
• Company logo or logo book
• Preferred font types
• Text for the banner. What do you want it to say?
• Preferred call-to-action texts (e.g. “Read more”, “Buy”)
• Link to a YouTube video (if needed)
• DSP, ad server or ad platform the banner will be used for (for click tag integration)
• Exact landing page URL (with UTM tags)
• Attach any material you want us to use

How soon can I expect my banners to be ready?

Our turnaround time is between 3 and 10 business days from the moment we receive the details for the order. It depends a lot on how soon the client approves the design or requests changes to the sketches we send, if they want any. We also offer extra fast delivery for an additional charge. It means we prioritize your order and try to deliver the ads within 3-5 business days. Check our pricing page to see what is the current price for this service.

Are the banner ads you design compatible with Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns?

Yes, we follow Google Ads guidelines. If you’re using another ad platform which has particular guidelines or restrictions, please inform us and we will design something that fits your needs.

How do I get the source files for my banners?

We will deliver the file in a downloadable format which you can then add to your advertising campaigns. You can also buy the editable files. Receiving source files costs additional 100 EUR per banner size.

What if I need changes to my banners?

We offer about 3 free design revisions per banner. Our designer presents a sketch and the client has the chance to approve or request changes to the design. We work closely with our clients to make sure they are satisfied with the final version. After the client approves a design and we send over the file, any further change requests are paid additonally.

What if I’m not satisfied with my banners design?

In case we don’t manage to create something you like, despite our efforts, you can request a refund. Please note that we won’t refund the transaction if you approved the design prior to requesting the refund.

What if I’m not satisfied with my banner's performance – click through rate or interaction rate?

We use three parameters to evaluate the performance of our HTML5 banners. Our 10 scoring points scale can be used for comparing expected interactivity, expected click through ratio and the complexity of the content and the built-in elements. Before we build a banner for you we will advise what to expect from this type of creative – more interactions, more clicks or both. Check our portfolio showcase to learn more about each banner type we offer.

What are the best practices when making a web banner ad?

We highly recommend:

• Using a limited number of effects or animations
• Using aesthetically pleasing colors
• Keeping the information short and to the point
• Using non-aggressive calls to action
• Using age-restricted material is against our advertising guidelines

The HTML5 ad should be beautiful, informative and interactive!

Can my banner be hosted on your server? Do I get a code?

If you choose to use our hosted ad management service with EasyPlatform, we will provide banner hosting and additional services like building ad funnels, tracking interactions, tracking conversions, helping you deploying the banner tags in different publisher ad servers, etc.

I want to advertise my business with the banners made by you, can you help me with this?

If you want to advertise your business and you need an advertising campaign – we will gladly offer you assistance with the process!